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We are malia

I have always collected beautiful candles and bought them on a whim to escape a rainy afternoon, to set the mood in the living room or simply to give a gorgeous gift. Much to my disappointment many candles that have inspired me did not offer natural options and, as someone who is sensitive to strong scents, I found that several items in the market were too strong for my liking. I hoped to decorate my home with understatedly stylish eco friendly candles, made out of natural ingredients giving out delicate, soothing and fresh scents.

Filling your home with gorgeous, natural scents should not be an investment, and so I set out to create affordable luxury items with soft scents, natural ingredients and welcoming tones. Made by the best luxury candle makers using the best ingredients - future classics that are both beautiful and relatable.

MALIA is inspired by my two little girls who brighten my days with their curiosity, beauty and genuineness. This is what I want MALIA to be – the embodiment of what is real and natural, beautiful and tranquil - perfect moments in an imperfect, dreamy world. Get real, be natural.

Our brand continues to evolve and grow, bringing fresh new elements and products into the natural lifestyle honoring the best of both worlds; the French craftmanship of luxury candles and the benefits of natural pure ingredients.